Johnny Limo Atlantic City | Policies & Procedures

Johnny Limo Atlantic City: Policies & Procedures

These are the terms for limousine and shuttle service governing the use of services offered by Johnny Limo Atlantic City Limousine & Shuttle service. Please review these service terms fully before you use the service. By using the services, you agree to be bound by these service terms. You will be subject to any additional items posted on our website. Policy and procedure are subject to changes at any time. Any complaints please contact us at 609-369-1583 or email at 7 days a week. It is your responsibility to review these service terms. All drivers receive a 20% gratuity for all reservations pre-arranged.

Cancellation and No-Show Policy

Once vehicle has been dispatched, you will be responsible for the total amount of pre-arranged service charge. All pre-arranged transportation is non-refundable. All Reservations are final and nonrefundable.  The customer must call to make  changes to reservations.  Email and text messaging are not acceptable to make changes to reservations.  Each reservation is a valuable time slot for airport transport.

All customers must call the office. We’re Available 24/7 to make any changes to all reservations. Reservation changes Can not be made through text messaging or through emailing. Customers must call the office to make changes.

Once your reservations is dispatched and a customer does not show, customer’s reservation is considered abandonment.

Because of availability for time slots there are no refunds for reservations. Due to demand for service each time slot is valuable and we will suffer a loss of business, there is no refund for time slot secured.


Once vehicle has been dispatched, you will be responsible for the total amount of pre-arranged limousine service charge. If the company is unable to reach customer or passenger related to the customer at scheduled pick-up, the ride will be considered a no-show and will be abandoned, but the total amount will be charged to credit card. Weddings are none refundable due to high demand for multi-vehicle rental. All Reservations are final and non-refundable. Time slots can be changed.

Credit Card Policy

All transactions are handled in a safe and confidential manner. When paying by credit card, you must pay with credit card in advance to secure service.

Waiting Time

Waiting time is based on hourly rate for a particular vehicle and is charged at 15 minute increments. Time spent waiting at additional stops will also be charged as waiting time. Waiting time charges may apply after complimentary waiting time expires. We don’t charge for delayed flights for airport service pick-ups.

Guarantee Replacement Vehicle

Customer agrees to a replacement vehicle in the event of any mechanical issues or if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

Vomit Incidents

There is a charge of $200.00 cleaning charge for vomiting incidents.

Unruly or Disruptive Conduct and Illegal Activities

The company reserves the right to refuse to transport customers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Customer will be removed from vehicle at the discretion of driver and there will be no refunds.


The customer agrees to pay for any damages made by the party during the transportation service with Johnny Limo Atlantic City. The customer agrees to the policies and procedures for Limousine and Shuttle service. Policy and procedures are subject to change due to Limousine trends and technology.